We would like to thank and acknowledge our conference sponsors.


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ATOmate is a fast, simple, and secure ATO document automation solution for accountants. Integrating directly with the ATO to automate the capturing, processing, checking, distribution and filing of all ATO documents, reducing your ATO document processing time by 90%! ATOmate connects seamlessly with your practice management system to match clients and check for discrepancies, and your document management system to automatically file documents and audit trails, providing a streamlined process.


QuickFee ensures your firm is paid fast –   we bridge the gap between a firm’s right to be paid on time and a client’s desire to pay over time. Since 2009, QuickFee has been recognised as the industry leader, with more than 65% of the top 100 accounting firms and many legal firms choosing QuickFee as a payment solution for their clients. And now, with full Xero integration, whether your client would like to pay now or pay later, QuickFee’s solutions will help.

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