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We help members connect their clients with experts from around the world. DFK’s global footprint offers extensive coverage, and membership provides firms with an international presence, allowing them to access a range of expertise and resources worldwide. 


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DFK Committees serve as collaborative platforms where members from around the world come together to discuss important subject matters. Together, they drive advancements in their own businesses, staying ahead of industry trends and enhancing client services through regular exchange of best practices.


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DFK Events, Conferences and Webinars

In a trusting and transparent environment, members communicate openly, sharing and solving shared challenges. Our National, Regional and Global conferences encourage in-person networking, allowing members to confidently refer clients to trusted firms within the association, enhancing client satisfaction.


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Thought Leadership

With over 200 high-quality members, our association proudly cultivates a wealth of insightful and innovative thinking within the profession. Through our firms and their expert teams, members gain access to industry-leading thought leaders and engaging experts. 


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Training and Development

DFK offer National, Regional and Global training programmes, providing specialised development initiatives designed to ensure that professionals within our member firms receive industry-specific support at all stages of their career cycle.