Each committee meets regularly and produces regular newsletters with key technical updates for the membership. The committees are comprised of members from around the globe who share best practice information and updates from their region.

Find out more about our committees below.

Accounting Services Committee

Technology is rapidly transforming our profession, with clients increasingly seeking real-time support. The opportunities presented by emerging technologies are vast, from developing new service lines to exploring new income streams. With over 800 apps currently available on XERO AppStore to support core accounting functions, the potential for innovation is endless. The accounting services committee is dedicated to collectively understanding and harnessing these opportunities, working closely with providers to stay at the forefront of our industry.

In line with this, our committee holds quarterly meetings with members from across the globe where we share best practices in a variety of areas, including outsourcing. Currently, we are establishing a roadmap for this year’s knowledge-sharing sessions, from which our insights will be shared in regular newsletters, enabling all members within DFK International to benefit from our discussions.

Through our initiative, our goal is to increase collaboration and networking opportunities within DFK’s global community.

To learn more and register for our upcoming webinar, Onboarding New Clients, click here.

For more infomation, please contact Stuart Grosvenor, Committee Chair.


Assurance Committee

 The Assurance Committee helps member firms by providing advice and information on assurance matters worldwide. It is responsible for the development, maintenance and monitoring of the DFK quality programme.
The quality control programme is based on international standards issued by the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) which is committed to protecting the public interest by developing high-quality international standards, promoting strong ethical values, encouraging quality practice, and supporting the development of all sectors of the profession around the world.

Our objectives are to ensure that all of our member firms perform quality services of the highest professional standards. Although all of our members are independent accounting firms, they are required to fully comply with the international quality standards from IFAC.

The members of the committee are all partner, director or other management level professionals within their firm, with highly advanced technical knowledge of (International) accounting and audit standards and principles, theory and concept.

For more information on the committee, please contact Radlee Moller, Committee Chair.

Radlee Moller
Anton Lewis
Beatrix Arlitt
Eric Vilmint
Faizal Ajmat
Jose Maria Hinojal
José Luis Ramírez
Michael Port
Murtuza Vajihi
Natalie Kelly
Phoebe Elliot
PierGiuseppe Ferri
Willem van der Berg
Xerxes J.Medora


ESG & Sustainability Committee

For more information on the committee, including joining the ESG committee, please contact Ragu Kannan Committee Chair.

Chaitanya Mawji
Guisy Pisanti
Ketna Kanodia Gupta
Matt Lythell
Neha Diselts
Ragunathan Kannan


Information Technology Committee

The DFK Information Technology Committee was formed to share with all member firms best practices in using information technology for small to medium-sized accounting firms.

The committee meets bimonthly to discuss lateste IT best practices and how best to share these with the DFK member firms.

Projects undertaken by the committe include regular surveys of member firms IT arrangements to enable the committee to understand and tailor their work to the needs of the members.

A newsletter is also regularly circulated featuring articles written by our committee members.

For more information on the committee, please contact Robin Davis, Committee Chair.

Robin Davis
Alex Farrugia
Boris Vidas
Mitchell Brooks
Rahul Doshi
Ragunathan Kannan
Ray Mack


Marketing Committee

The DFK International Marketing Committee's (IMC) mission is to help brand the name of DFK worldwide, and to identify and share best practices in marketing and business development with all DFK members.

The members of the IMC, who collectively represent all DFK regions, meet bimonthly and publish a segment in the DFK International quarterly newsletter. These newsletter articles update DFK members as to what the IMC is currently doing, and what the committee has accomplished each quarter.

The bottom line of the IMC is to help all members of DFK generate new business, especially business that is conducted across national boundaries.

For more information on the committee, please contact Catarina Zagalo, Committee Chair.

Catarina Zagalo


Tax Committee

The Tax Committee helps member firms by providing advice and information on tax matters worldwide. It is responsible for the development, maintenance and monitoring of the DFK quality programme.

Some of the resources available to DFK International member firms and their clients include:

  • Seasoned international tax advisors located throughout the Americas, Asia -Pacific and Europe who can deliver timely tax advice.
  • International tax "products" which foster consulting on such topics as:
    • Transfer pricing reviews
    • Holding company structure locations
    • VAT
    • Financing structures
    • Repatriation of profits
  • A regular international tax newsletter to keep updated on legislation changes and the latest tax planning issues and solutions.
  • International tax seminars dealing with current international tax issues.

The ITC is ready and able to assist member firms dealing with cross-border transactions. 

For more information on the committee, including joining the ITC, please contact Ryan Dudley, Committee Chair.

Ryan Dudley
Adnan Islam
Arnaud Rudowski
Augusto Paulino Pequena
Benjamin Bohlman
Ben Hoy
Benjamin Miller
Carolina Mateo
Dario Gamba
David Farrugia
Emma Brown
Eddie Murphy
Fiona Cross
Guisy Pisanti
Harm de Boer
Jame Parks
Janneke Speetjens
Johan Dens
John Grummet
Matthijs van Dorssen
Mario Morales
Michel Jaggi
Miloš Mitrić
Oscar Marquez
Ragunathan Kannan
Robert Finnigan
Roberta Zara
Sandy Cochrane
Thomas Adcock
Tim Kelleher
Tim Smith
Wolfgang Saelzer
Xerxes J.Medora


Valuation Services Committee

The purpose of DFK’s Valuation Servies Committee (VSC) is to enhance the knowledge and quality of valuation services of member firms by raising awareness of new valuation issues and sharing knowledge and best practices. 

Members of the VSC will accomplish this by identifying and developing certain industries, business types and valuation issues in which they have deep valuation capability and build on that through raising awareness and sharing knowledge across DFK firms.  

The sharing of ideas, knowledge and best practices will be done through discussion in virtual quarterly meetings, in-person training at future international conferences and the use of guest speakers. The VC will also selectively make contributions to regulators and policymakers of oversight organizations.

In addition, the VC will become a forum for making referrals to DFK member firms based on expertise and geographical area

For more information on committee, please contact Ron Martindale, Committe Chair.

Ron Martindale
Adam Brodie
Daniel Borg
Francesco Nicolini

Francesco Nicolini

Vice President - EMEA

Frank van Ee
Gina Miller
Hugo Salgueiro
James O'Connor
James Waters
Janece Boersma
Rahul Doshi
Ragunathan Kannan
Robert Shelton
Salvador Marin
Shane Browning
Stacy Cummings
Tim Kelleher
Varun Kale


Women in Leadership Committee

DFK International Women in Leadership Committee formed on International Women’s Day 2018.

The Committee is comprised of 20 women from 13 countries. The committee meets every few months to plan upcoming projects and to discuss how to make the association more inclusive and the ways it can support females in their career progression.

Completed Projects

The DFK International Women in Leadership (DFK IWIL) committee has launched the DFK IWIL Mentoring Programme.

The DFK IWIL committee encourages female inclusion and progression within DFK International and a key element of this is members providing their expertise and knowledge to support the development of another colleague.

The DFK IWIL mentoring programme fosters relationships through one-to-one confidential conversations. The mentee is encouraged and challenged to achieve their potential and aspirations. They also have to opportunity to discuss challenges facing women in the workplace and how to navigate them.

For more information on the committee, please contact Anelle Weigle, Committee Chair.

Anelle Weigle
Barbara Pawlik
Beatrix Arlitt
Michaela Lamb
Anagha Thatte
Janneke Speetjens