Conferences at DFK

DFK International members who actively participate in conferences create and enhance valuable international connections and share knowledge openly in a transparent and trusting environment. Referrals are exchanged as a result of the in-person connections that are nurtured, valuable insights are gained from our comprehensive business sessions, seminars and tailored breakouts and, of course, there’s plenty of social activities to enjoy with fellow members and friends!

Upcoming Conferences:

  • Canada Annual Conference: 5-7 June, Toronto. Hotel Booking
  • Global Conference: 7-12 July, Sydney. Registration
  • Mexico mid-annual assembly: Q2 (dates TBD)
  • France: 12-13 September, Limoges
  • Germany: October, Hamburg (dates TBD)
  • North America Conference:  22-25 October, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Information
  • United Kingdom and Ireland: 6-8 November, Belfast. Information
  • South Asia: November (dates TBD)
  • Latin America: November, Mexico (dates TBD)
  • Global Leadership Academy: 15-17 January 2025, New York. Information
  • EMEA: February 2025, Lisbon (dates TBD)