Why DFK International

We are a global alliance of accounting firms and their expert teams, working closely together across 465 cities in 90 countries.

As a member of one of the most trusted and tightly woven organisations for accounting practices worldwide, firms and their clients benefit from having trusted colleagues who are subject matter experts in all the places they need them.

Our association provides members with access to a supportive community dedicated to sharing experiences, best practices, and expertise with their counterparts across the globe. With a focus on peer support, training, and development, DFK promotes a collegial environment where challenges are shared and solutions are found. Our team are united in their passion for ideas, innovation and technology and as a member, you’ll be communicating with partners who understand the pressures of running a business, because that’s what they do too.

We place our emphasis on quality, personal connections, and inclusivity, creating an atmosphere where strong relationships flourish, which in turn enhances value for the clients of member firms.

Whether you’re pursuing business opportunities, attending conferences, or participating in committees and seminars, DFK provides a space to connect, learn, and drive business growth.

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Unless otherwise indicated, DFK member firms are not ‘Network’ firms as defined by IFAC. The exceptions are the firms that include the initials ‘DFK’ in their name. These DFK-named members are classified as ‘Network’ firms and are shown as such in this directory. 

DFK International is a member of Global Connect, an alliance of associations providing further global reach for existing DFK member firms.