29 Aug 2023

Niveus Consulting Group (Hungary) establish new service offering

Niveus Consulting Group (Hungarian member firm of DFK International) established its Immigration Desk as of 1 August 2023.

To meet the increased client demand, Niveus Consulting Group is now providing immigration services meaning full one-stop-shop services for clients who require tax, payroll or legal advice on the residence permit and employment of foreign nationals (EU or non-EU) in Hungary. Services cover full document preparation and representation during the entire procedure.

Immigration Desk is also available in respect of those EU and EEA nationals who are staying in Hungary for more than 90 days and are therefore required to register with the Immigration Office.

Immigration Desk experts are also ready to advise and represent third country nationals (from the America, Africa or Asia) in the procedures for obtaining residence and work permits.

If you are interested regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact Niveus Consulting Group. www.niveus.hu