09 Jan 2024

Ketna Kanodia Gupta is the Inaugural Recipient of the Rising Star Award for DFK Asia Pacific

DFK Asia Pacific is thrilled to announce the recipient of the inaugural Rising Star Award.

This accolade was presented during the DFK Asia Pacific Conference to Ketna Kanodia Gupta, a Senior Manager - Advisory at KVA LLP, Chartered Accountants, in recognition of her significant participation and contributions to the DFK community. 

Ketna Kanodia Gupta's enthusiasm and involvement in DFK have set her apart as a rising star within the region. The Rising Star Award is a testament to her commitment, innovation, and the positive impact she has made on both her firm and the wider DFK network. 

DFK Asia Pacific has recently established the Rising Star Award to recognise individuals who have demonstrated exceptional skills, leadership, and a commitment to the values upheld by DFK. Ketna Kanodia Gupta's accomplishments align seamlessly with these criteria, making her a fitting and deserving recipient of this inaugural recognition. 

"We are thrilled to present the first-ever Rising Star Award to Ketna Kanodia Gupta. Her exemplary work at KVA LLP and her contributions to the DFK community have not gone unnoticed. This award is a celebration of the positive impact she has made," said Cheree Woolcock, DFK Asia Pacific Vice President. 

DFK Asia Pacific congratulates Ketna Kanodia Gupta on this well-deserved achievement and looks forward to witnessing her continued success.