12 Jan 2024

Empowering Change: Anelle Weigle Takes the Helm of DFK International Women in Leadership

Anelle Weigle, a Partner at Hummelkläppen in Sweden, has taken charge as the new Chair of the DFK International Women in Leadership Committee.

Anelle Weigle, a Partner at Hummelkläppen in Sweden, has taken charge as the new Chair of the DFK International Women in Leadership Committee. Known for her expertise in payroll and HR services, Weigle brings a wealth of experience and a steadfast commitment to advancing gender equality within DFK International and the accountancy profession.

Weigle's journey into payroll and HR began in 2017 when she joined DFK member firm, Hummelkläppen, as an intern. Over the years, she navigated challenges and propelled herself into a position of influence. After six months as a permanent employee, she assumed full responsibility for the payroll department, orchestrating its expansion and growth. Weigle's impact was further underscored in 2021 when she ascended to the role of Partner, overseeing a team of seven dedicated professionals and solidifying Hummelkläppen as a trusted provider of payroll services for both Swedish and global companies.

Reflecting on her career trajectory, Weigle shared, "Making sure women in the industry have the same opportunities as men has been a key focus. It's not just about gender equality; it's about creating a workplace where everyone, regardless of gender, has an equal shot at success." Her dedication to fostering inclusive workplaces extends beyond her professional realm, emphasising the importance of addressing issues like work-life balance, parental leave, and gender pay equality.

These values propelled Weigle to take on a leadership role in the DFK International Women in Leadership Committee. "I'm committed to contributing to a workplace culture that's inclusive, fair, and provides opportunities for everyone," she asserted.

Weigle draws inspiration from a diverse array of role models, noting that leadership takes various forms. "Every woman, in her unique way, is a source of inspiration for me," she explained. Her role models range from influential CEOs steering major corporations to mother’s adept at balancing family life and professional responsibilities.

The challenges she faced as a female partner in an audit firm, at the age of 27, without a mentor on a similar path, fuelled Weigle's passion for advocating for women in leadership. "If I can assist or inspire even just one woman, it would make every bit of the journey worthwhile," she affirmed.

Looking ahead, Weigle envisions the Women in Leadership committee continuing its impactful work. "My vision is to make women feel empowered, supported, and equipped with tools to excel in leadership roles," she explained. Her goals include increasing the representation of women throughout the entire association and ensuring equal opportunities for career advancement, promotions, and leadership roles.

In terms of engaging male colleagues, Weigle stressed the importance of collaboration. "I want to encourage male colleagues to actively contribute to achieving the objectives of the committee. Engaging in discussions, workshops, and initiatives can broaden perspectives and enhance leadership skills," she said.

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