06 Dec 2023

DFK Asia Pacific Announces New Executive Committee Following the 2023 APAC Conference

DFK Asia Pacific bids farewell to Executive Committee members Leong Kok Tong from Folks DFK, Malaysia, and Ashutosh Pednekar from MP Chitale, India, during the 2023 DFK APAC Conference held in November in Manila.

Leong Kok Tong, from Folks DFK, Malaysia, dedicated six years to the committee, hosting numerous executive committee meetings during his tenure. Ashutosh Pednekar, representing MP Chitale, India, served an impressive 16-year term with dedication, commitment, and leadership. 

DFK Asia Pacific expresses gratitude for their significant contributions, which have played a pivotal role in shaping the committee's strategic direction 

Welcoming Anagha Thatte to the Executive Committee  

In the spirit of growth and continuity, DFK Asia Pacific proudly welcomes Anagha Thatte as the newest member of the Executive Committee. Anagha, representing MP Chitale, India brings with her two decades of experience with the firm, making her a seasoned professional in the field. 

Anagha participated in her inaugural Executive Committee meeting during the recent conference, marking the beginning of her term. DFK Asia Pacific is confident that Anagha's wealth of experience and fresh perspective will contribute to the ongoing success and innovation within the committee. 

DFK Asia Pacific looks forward to a new chapter with the dynamic addition of Anagha Thatte, while expressing heartfelt appreciation to Leong Kok Tong and Ashutosh Pednekar for their remarkable service and dedication .