22 Mar 2024

DFK APAC’s Inaugural Women in Accounting Panel reveals the three vital C’s: Clarity, Curiosity and (leaving your) Comfort Zone.

The first-ever DFK Asia Pacific Women in Accounting Panel took place yesterday, featuring Cheree Woolcock and Rachel Chee.

Hosted by DFK Asia Pacific and supported by DFK Australia New Zealand the event kicked off with an insightful discussion on the importance of developing goal and career clarity and the significant part curiosity plays. Panellists encouraged attendees to embrace a growth mindset of continual learning and exploration to challenge conventional norms and unlock new possibilities.

Throughout the panel, both speakers highlighted the necessity of setting ambitious goals and pushing beyond comfort zones to realise your full potential. They emphasised the role of visibility in advancing careers, and the importance of developing and fostering a support network both personally and professionally.

Some of the key takeaways

  • Clarity – determine your non-negotiables, set clear achievable goals, reflect on your progress and be open to making adjustments “Clarity breeds confidence”
  • Curiosity – explore all the opportunities and possibilities, push boundaries, welcome feedback, and embrace a growth mindset “Curiosity sparks creativity”
  • Comfort Zone – don't stay there! Back yourself, take a risk, embrace discomfort and you'll be amazed where this can take you. ”Comfort zones are where dreams go to die”

Visibility emerged as another significant theme with panellists stressing the importance of showcasing accomplishments as well as the benefits of developing a strong online and offline presence. Visibility breeds opportunities and actively participating in industry events and leveraging digital platforms for networking and self-promotion is a great way to stay visible.

Support and mentorship were identified as essential pillars for women in the accounting industry. Both panellists emphasised the importance of building supportive networks and seeking mentorship with seasoned professionals both inside and outside of the industry.

The DFK APAC Women in Accounting Panel concluded with a call to action, urging women to harness clarity, curiosity, and support networks to break barriers, amplify visibility, and pave the way for a more equitable and inclusive future in the accounting profession.