29 May 2024

DFK ANZ Appoints Gary Nugent as New Chairman

DFK ANZ is proud to announce the appointment of Gary Nugent, Managing Partner at DFK Nugents, as the new Chairman of the Board. Gary brings a wealth of experience and a strong commitment to the continued growth and success of DFK ANZ.

Gary and his firm have been an integral part of the DFK family for many years, with Dario Gamba, Chair of DFK ANZ Tax Committee, joining his practice in 2015 and Gary joining the Board in 2017. His extensive involvement with the DFK APAC Executive Committee has provided him with a deep understanding of the association's dynamics and opportunities.

In a recent statement, Gary emphasises that he and the team are “huge supporters of DFK”. “Our participation in numerous conferences, both nationally and internationally, has been crucial in fostering the collaboration required to truly embrace our National Connections and Global Reach. There is no doubt our Local Knowledge has also improved by engaging with like-minded colleagues".

Under Gary’s leadership, DFK ANZ aims to build a stronger membership group, enhancing the association's ability to deliver services at a greater scale. This focus on collaboration extends beyond networking; it encompasses the continued improvements in HR, Marketing, IT, and technical offerings available to DFK ANZ members.

"Building the DFK ANZ membership group is a key priority of the Board," Gary stated. "The improvement in our HR, Marketing, IT, and technical offerings provides huge upside compared to doing these things solo in-house. We are able to offer our team much greater opportunity and engagement with young, talented, and aspiring professionals."

Gary's vision as the newly appointed Chair for DFK ANZ, includes working with an engaged and dynamic Board to embrace younger and more diverse talent, ensuring the association grows into a better future. Gary recognises the importance of managing legacy, but places even greater emphasis on building a better organisation—one that will serve the future members and teams of experts to come.

"I am very excited to be working with an engaged and dynamic Board, and we are looking forward to embracing younger and more diverse talent to see DFK ANZ grow into a better future." Gary said.

DFK ANZ looks forward to the innovative and collaborative leadership that Gary Nugent will bring to the organisation, continuing its mission to support and grow member firms through enhanced collaboration and shared expertise.