22 Mar 2023

Breakfast Live Briefing with BNFIX PICH and DFK Portugal

Don't miss out on these two events with our experts in the field of International Tax

BNFIX would like to invite all DFK Member firms to attend their Breakfast Live Briefings with BNFIX, on March 28th and 30th.

On March 28th they will be accompanied by Manel Fraixedas, former founding partner of Matrix; who will talk with Ester Brullet, from the tax department of BNFIX, about the new law on startups and his experience in the creation of a technology company. You can follow the session live from their Youtube Channel. More information on that can be found here.

In addition, on Thursday 30th, Augusto Paulino, tax partner at DFK Portugal, will talk with Carolina Mateo, who is specialized on International Tax at BNFIX, about the legal initiatives that countries like Portugal or Spain are adopting to attract tax residents, among other topics that affect a non-resident company in both countries.
To attend this and for the link to join you will need to register in advance. More information can be found here