25 Apr 2023

Accounting firms work together at the leading association, DFK International.

DFK International remains one of the top accounting associations of independent member firms worldwide.

One of the most closely watched annual rankings about the global accounting industry is the annual report issued by the London-based International Accounting Bulletin. The IAB findings for 2023 have now been published, showing that DFK International, with $US 1.4 billion in global billings, remains one of the top accounting associations of independent member firms worldwide. 

These figures do not include an additional $US 1 billion generated by one of DFK's newest members, U.S.-based Marcum LLP, which joined DFK late in 2022.

Commenting on the survey results, DFK's President Harriet Greenberg said, "Year after year, DFK remains at the forefront of the industry due to the strength of our member firms providing global resources to their clients. We are proud to be a leading association in one of the most trusted professions in the world."

Bill Wright was appointed Executive Director of DFK International in early 2022 and, originally from San Francisco, is now based in London, U.K. According to Wright, the primary objective of the executive team is to provide increased value to members. "While the rankings are something our industry watches, we are focused on providing the things that drive value", he said. "DFK has always prioritised community, bringing our coalition of members together to facilitate knowledge sharing among members and delivering regional and international resources to their clients. If we take care of these things, our members will succeed".

DFK International is one of the world's oldest associations of accounting firms, founded in 1961 by three member firms in the U.K., France and Australia. DFK's reach now includes over 200 member firms with 19,000 employees operating in over 460 offices in 90 countries.

Ben Miller, PhD, is a tax partner at DFK member firm Bennett Thrasher in Atlanta, USA. According to Miller, "Bennet Thrasher's international relationships in the DFK International association allow us to provide time-sensitive, specialised tax guidance to our clients, which we would not be able to do independently". 
Marco Vermin, executive board member at Netherlands-based Alfa Accountants, commented, "It's not enough for us to access tax regulations in different countries. We must have relationships with the professionals in those countries who can deliver local advice to our clients. They are our trusted colleagues."

Global services delivered by DFK are diversified across audit (31%), tax (30%), accounting services (19%), and advisory and other (20%).

For further information, contact: Bill Wright, Executive Director and CEO, DFK International