DFK in Italia is a group of independent accounting firms and a specialist audit practice.

DFK Italia comprises firms of chartered accountants that provide a full range of professional services. 

The firms are committed to using their international experience to help their clients. They have offices in the key commercial centres of Florence, Genoa, Milan, Naples, Rome,Turin and Udine.

The range of services provided includes tax and administrative assistance; corporate consulting; tax litigation; internal controls, budgeting, financial reporting and business planning.

In addition to the services above a specialist firm, DFK Italia S.r.l., provides audit services. This firm has been established for more than 40 years and ensures clients' audit requirements are met in full.

DFK Italia firms also assist clients in resolving issues that affect audit and accounting - for example by advising on company reorganization and restructuring, and on financial planning.

The services provided by DFK Italia firms are delivered by expert personnel with experience of many different types of assignment and different sectors of the Italian economy. They are specialists who work in teams to deliver quality services and to identify opportunities for clients.

In addition to basic education, DFK Italia organises internal seminars for developing and improving the specialist skills of professional staff.

Chairman and Executive Officer  

Find out more about DFK Italy at www.dfk.it

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