The good ship DFK is governed by an executive board comprising the president, deputy president/immediate past-president and three vice-presidents representing members in the DFK regions Asia-Pacific, EMEA and Americas.  The executive board is elected by the DFK advisory board, which comprises representatives from the larger national groups and from each of the regions. Members of the executive and advisory boards are volunteers from member firms who give their time freely for the good of the organisation.

At the helm is the executive director, who is responsible to the board of directors for the day-to-day operation of the association, and working with the DFK executive office teams around the world.  DFK International creates special value for clients with cross-border interests by helping DFK member firms cooperate across the world to deliver international services on time and at a competitive cost.

To provide a regional focus and support cross-border activities at the regional level, member firms are grouped into three regions.  Each region is represented at board level by a regional vice-president.  The three regions are:

  • The Americas
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa

In countries where DFK has many members, firms buddy up into National Groups. These cooperate to give high quality services, and meet frequently at conferences, seminars, specialist committees, user groups, and these days, online!

Our members matter. To make sure DFK is serving them to the best of our ability, we have an executive board that sets DFK’s strategic aims, values, and standards. They are also in charge of the less exciting but very important elements of running the organisation such as risk management and ensuring the necessary financial and human resources for DFK to meet its objectives.

Harriet Greenberg (USA)


It’s a great honour and privilege to be named President of DFK International.  At DFK, we are people first and professionals second.  During such challenging times as these, it is important to keep this understanding at the forefront of everything that we do. Inclusion, growth, progress and change are a few words that sit closely in the front of my mind during these tumultuous times.  I am proud to be part of an organization that is willing to promote and champion women within the association and profession. Recognizing that DFK’s strength is grounded by diversity of person and thought, under my presidency DFK will continue to be a world-centric organization in which all the regions feel included.

Martin Sharp

DFK Executive Director, DFK International

I love working with DFK. I'm not an accountant, nor a lawyer, and I had no idea that these people could be such good fun to work with.  They deal with serious business, but know how to kick-back and have fun when the work is done.  They really care about their clients and doing a good job for them, and that's what really inspires me to work with them. Working with people all over the world and helping them find solutions is tremendously satisfying.  I have been doing the job for more than 10 years and made friends in countries as far afield as Argentina, Australia, Canada and Cyprus, to name just a few.  

I also have the privilege of working with a fantastic team of dedicated individuals who all share our objective of supporting member firms.  They take ownership of their responsibilities and we are all aligned to our values of respect – for clients, colleagues, and communities. We all work for equality, diversity, and inclusion, promoting a culture that celebrates difference, challenges prejudice, and ensures fairness. 

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The role of the Advisory Board is to represent the interests’ of members in the governance of DFK International.

The Advisory Board comprises members of the Executive Board plus additional representatives from the National Groups and the DFK regions (Europe, MEA, Asia-Pacific and Latin America). It provides strategic direction for DFK International and guidance to the Executive Board. The Advisory Board is responsible for approving new members to the association and for electing the members of the Executive Board.  All members of the Advisory are volunteers from among the member firms of DFK International.

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