The idea of an alliance was born of the assessment that the accounting industry is facing an array of changes, most of them driven by technological innovations and market consolidation.

Global Connect was launched by DFK and AGN in 2018 to provide their members with greater resource and coverage to best serve the international business needs of clients, whilst continuing to operate as fully autonomous organisations

The success in its first year prompted the founders to welcome MSI to incorporate like-minded organisations representing other professional disciplines.

This is client-service led. We’re quite substantial organisations. We have good coverage, quite similar from one another, but not completely without gaps but by the time you factor in increasingly complex niche and specialty requirements it’s very, very handy to draw on all of our memberships. That gives us more breadth of choice.
Malcolm Ward

Executive Director, AGN International

We see this as a great opportunity which will have mutual benefits for all parties in ensuring that we remain strong and competitive in a changing market. The beauty of Global Connect is that it provides a default setting in seeking support in a specialist area. If MSI has not got a member in a particular area, we can go to DFK and AGN and similarly, we have some 130 law firms able to assist their members with legal support.
Tim Wilson

Executive Director, MSI Global Alliance

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