DFK EMEA Annual and Emerging Leaders Conference 2023

21 – 24 February 2023 Conference Vienna Marriott


We are excited to announce that the DFK EMEA  Annual Conference 2023 will be held from 22-24 February, in Vienna, Austria.

Registration is open until 11th January 2023, amendments to your booking can be made up until that date. After this time, any cancellations or changes will incur a cancellation charge.

Enquiries can be made directly to Caroline Cassidy at [email protected] 


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Agenda/Keynote Speakers

Peter Kane

Hon.Prof. Mag. Dr. Thomas Mueller

Ken Norman

Present3r Ltd

EMEA Conference Agenda
Tuesday 21 Feb Start End
DFK Advisory Board meeting 13:00 17:00
Exec & Advisory Board Dinner 19:00 23:00
Wednesday 22 Feb    
Tax Seminar 09:00 17:00
Exec & Advisory Board meeting 09:00 12:00
Exec Board Meeting 12:00 17:00
Welcome Reception 19:00 23:00
Thursday 23 Feb    
Emerging Leaders 09:00 13:30
Annual Conference General Session 09:00 11:00
Breakout 1 - MEA group 11:00 13:30
Breakout 2 - Francofone group 11:00 13:30
Breakout 3 - Iberian group 11:00 13:30
Group Lunch 13:30 14:30
Emerging leaders 14:30 17:30
Afternoon Group Tour 14:30 17:00
Evening meal 18:30 23:00
Friday 24 Feb    
Annual Conference General Session 09:00 11:00
Emerging Leaders 09:00 13:30
Breakout 1 11:00 13:30
Breakout 2- SubSahara/ Africa Group 11:00 13:30
Breakout 3 - Eastern European 11:00 13:30
Group Lunch 13:30 14:30


Emerging Leaders

Day 1

Becoming a Trusted Advisor

Introductions and buyer behaviour

  • Analysing changing buying patterns and client expectations
  • Exercise assessing how we buy and where we place value

The power of trust

  • Dissect what we mean by trust in a professional relationship
  • The benefits of establishing trust
  • Exercises to assess how an accountant builds trust

Deeper client understanding

  • Business models to aid understanding and empathy
  • Effective research in advance of client meetings
  • When with a client: Professional curiosity and active listening
  • Qualifying opportunities and understanding decision making criteria

Stronger, more profitable relationships

  • Simple, practical account planning
  • How to deal with relationship obstacles
  • Interactive session to plan for a live account

Delivering the firm

  • When to introduce colleagues
  • How to ensure that connections are framed around the client’s interests
  • Role play based on client example conversations

Day 2

How to positively persuade clients and colleagues in a fast-changing world

Why persuasive ability is key in today’s working world

  • Why a 2020 approach is not fit for 2023 and beyond
  • The pillars of persuasion
  • How to use soft power to your advantage
  • Psychological tips and principles that will help you prosper during change and uncertainty

Practically using persuasion

  • Practical tools to set goals, plan and measure relationship success during change
  • Interactive exercises to immediately apply what you have learnt
  • An action plan to help you navigate the next 6 months with confidence
Delegate Directory
Name Company
Mark Ashfield HB&O
Mr Warren Baker Wilson Wright LLP
Claire Barnes Carter Backer Winter LLP
Emma Bird Wilson Wright LLP
Jonathan Selwyn Brownson Royce Peeling Green Group
Sabina Burke Carter Backer Winter LLP
Caroline Cassidy DFK International
Mr Sanat Chitale M P Chitale & Co., Chartered Accountants
Mrs Helen Coombes HB&O Ltd
Adam Cramer Wilson Wright LLP
Will Eckerson DFK USA
Mrs Anelle Eklund Weigle Hummelkläppen i Stockholm AB
Mr. Antoine El Haddad DFK Fiduciaire du Moyen Orient
Donna Gould Crowleys DFK
Mr Mark Green Harrison Beale & Owen Limited
Harriet Greenberg Marcum
Magdalena Guzy Wilson Wright LLP
Mr Robert Hampstead Landin Wilcock & Co
Tom Henshaw Landin Wilcock
Craig Hughes Brown Butler
Nigel Jacobs Taylor Leibow LLP
Narendra Joshi M P CHITALE & CO
Mark Kearsley DSG Chartered Accountants
Thomas Lachera Dr. Broll Schmitt Kaufmann & Partner
Michaela Lamb Carter Backer Winter LLP
Wilson LLP Wilson Wright LLP
Ms Jessica McLellan Wilson Wright
Mr Xerxes Medora JK Medora PAC
Ben Miller Bennett Thrasher LLP
Shane Moloney Crowleys DFK
Andrew Moss DSG
Malin Näsström Hummelkläppen i Stockholm AB
Ashutosh Pednekar M P Chitale & Co
Mr Neil Raynsford Langdowns DFK Limited
Mr Simon Turner HB&O
Peter Winter Carter Backer Winter LLP



The DFK Team