Strong turnout by DFK Canada's Future Leaders

An annual program to develop future leaders within DFK Canada attracted its highest attendance in recent years.

  • DFK news
  • 03 October 2019

An annual program to develop future leaders within DFK Canada attracted its highest attendance in recent years.

More than 30 delegates participated in this year’s DFK Canada Leadership Development Program which took place in Toronto in September.

The program, held over six days, was split in two parts for managers, and for senior managers and new partners.

Both groups were welcomed by Nigel Jacobs, President of DFK Canada, who presented an overview of DFK International and DFK Canada, an insight into their importance as emerging leaders within DFK Canada and their own firms.

The sessions for managers covered client service, ownership of engagements, communication, staff development, delegation, time management, limits/boundary setting, work/life balance, and transitioning from hourly to salary.

Senior managers and new partners focused on marketing, networking, building a referral base, trusted business adviser techniques, exceptional client service, advanced leadership, and developing partner potential.

Steve Erickson, a leading consultant and coach to the accounting profession, returned as an instructor and facilitator.

Lynn Morrovat, executive director of DFK Canada, said: “We were really pleased with the numbers, with 20 managers and 12 senior managers and partners taking part.

“I think there were several factors for the high attendance.  It can reflect the cycle within the firms with managers needing to be at a certain stage in their career before they are able to obtain maximum benefit from the program.

“And we have had very positive reviews in the recent past, both in terms of the course information but also the networking opportunities, and as delegates return to their firms and talk to their peers about how much value they received from attending, the overall reputation builds.

“The course for managers focused on managing people and managing time, and making the transition from being a staff member to becoming a manager.

“The senior managers’ and new partners’ discussions included more about marketing, networking and building a client base.  With Steve’s passion for teaching and passing all his knowledge to the next generation, I think they really valued his role-playing exercises.”

Feedback from students including the following:

“I enjoyed meeting other peers at the same stage of their career.  Steve did a great job facilitating and he made everyone feel comfortable to contribute and kept everyone engaged.”

“The topics covered were extremely relevant.”

“Stories of real-life experiences helped to understand the purpose and importance of the content.”

Nigel Jacobs, President of DFK Canada, said: “It was exciting and heartening to see these emerging leaders desiring to learn about the profession and further develop themselves in the many aspects of the course in this non-threatening environment.

“The groups were very engaged and participated effectively and made many new relationships which should continue for the rest of their careers.  After all, is this not what DFK is all about.”


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