Shaw Gibbs launch flexible public holiday policy

Shaw Gibbs have launched a new people policy linked to flexible working and diversity.

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  • 03 February 2022

Shaw Gibbs have launched a new people policy linked to flexible working and diversity.

The policy, which was announced internally on the 27 January has been put in place to recognise that not everyone’s heritage, beliefs and lifestyle match the traditional bank holiday dates in England. 

In a recent world-wide survey, which was carried out by Shaw Gibbs and the global accounting association DFK International, respondents from 40 accountancy firms across 26 countries cited flexible working as one of the most important aspects to their role. However, flexible working for the Top 100 practice does not stop at a hybrid home/office working ethos but extends to employees having greater choice in relation to working hours, holiday trading and when they choose to take bank holidays. This new policy allows people to take public holidays on the dates that are important to them.

Kerry Whitfield, HR Manager commented

“We are very passionate about building a culture at Shaw Gibbs that respects and values diversity and individual differences through our actions.  Our new Flexible Public Holidays Policy is about extending flexible working and letting our people choose to take bank holidays on the dates that are the most meaningful to them.  They might wish to take a bank holiday during Eid, on the Jewish New Year or to cover an inset day for example.

The rapid move to a hybrid working environment due to the Covid pandemic has provided us with more opportunity in relation to being an agile employer and we are embracing this to its full extent.

We are a growing practice with ambitious plans and recruiting and retaining talented people who feel valued and recognised is key to our onward success.”

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