HUNGARY- Tax and Legal Changes: COVID-19 Resource Hub

  • Global Crisis Resources
  • 03 June 2020

Gyarmathy & Partners, one of the first internationally active tax and accounting firms in Hungary, has created a unique COVID-19 Resource Hub. The information is available online, facilitating orientation in the numerous tax and legal changes during the COVID emergency.

Since the start of the state of emergency in Hungary due to the global pandemic on March 12th, more than 200 pieces of legislation have been published. The legislative process took place in an extraordinary and novel situation, which is why in many areas no complete or clear regulation could be made. The new rules leave numerous questions unanswered. It is important for international companies to be always well informed about the changes that affect them. Gyarmathy & Partners has summarized the most relevant tax and legal news in English and German in the COVID-19 Resource Hub at, with information on the current legal situation and answers to frequently asked questions.

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