USA- COVID-19 Guiding your Financial Decision Making

  • Global Crisis Resources
  • 24 March 2020

Friedman's COVID-19 Task Force is dedicated to bringing you strategic guidance and solutions to navigate these unprecedented challenges. Here is a roundup of insights to inform your financial decision making.

Treasury Proposes Coronavirus Relief Package Valued at More Than $1 Trillion
The Treasury’s latest proposal for dealing with the economic dislocation caused by the coronavirus pandemic allocates more than $1 trillion in spending, including secured loans or loan guarantees for certain hard-hit industries.
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Five Ways to Keep Your Remote Workforce Cyber-Secure
In a national effort to curtail the spread of COVID-19, we are witnessing the rise of the remote workforce. While companies are focusing on ways to protect their employees, clients and families, cyber attackers are infiltrating insecure cybersecurity postures.
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Families First Coronavirus Response Act Key Takeaways
Yesterday, the President signed legislation aimed at expanding emergency family and medical leave, unemployment insurance, sick leave, food and nutrition and funds for testing and other healthcare provisions.
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Federal and Local Relief for Businesses Affected by Coronavirus
A number of local and federal programs have been announced to assist businesses adversely affected by COVID-19. Efforts to support businesses continue to evolve and expand.
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Fortifying Your Consumer Goods Business Against the Ramifications of COVID-19
On March 4, U.N. economists announced that, once the dust has settled, global manufacturing exports will have dropped by $50 Billion in February alone, precipitated by COVID-19.
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