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The services cover a full range from routine accounting to statutory audit services.



The core service is the audit, which we believe is more than a routine compliance exercise. It enables our professionals to review your financial operations and make constructive suggestions about improvements and best practice that will enhance business performance. In this way we also help management in identifying and controlling business risks.

The International Accounting and Assurance Committee provides guidance to members about accounting and auditing standards and practice. The committee membership includes a specialist Technical Partner. All member firms are required to comply with the audit quality standards of their professional body and special reviews are undertaken in territories where professional bodies are not well established.

Member Firms are skilled in managing audit assignments, whether co-ordinating multinational assignments or reporting in to head office auditors.

Accounting Services

In addition to this core service, fully outsourced management accounting and company secretarial services are provided for organisations with limited resources that wish to focus management effort on growing their business. These include a specialist web-based accounting service that has been specially developed for retailers of high volume consumer goods. For clients setting up in new territories, a full support service is provided including registration with the relevant tax and business authorities.

Member Firms also provide bookkeeping and payroll services.

Corporate Governance

As standards of corporate behaviour come under increasing scrutiny, senior managers need to take account of the rules, regulations and best practice concerning Corporate Governance. Our specialists provide practical advice in this important area.

The adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) has become widespread. The specialists in DFK member firms can advise on their adoption by large entities and by small and medium size companies.

Risk Management Specialists advise on risk management, reviewing not only financial risks but also areas including operations, resources and reputation that can have a dramatic impact on the continuing success of an organisation.

Internal Audit

Internal audit plays a valuable role in providing assurance that key controls are in place and operating effectively so that financial and other corporate risks are managed. Advice on, and assistance with, the operation of an internal audit service is provided: internal audit can also be outsourced from clients to member firms.

IT Systems Audits

As most businesses rely heavily on their IT systems for managing the business, assurance that these systems are operating effectively and are subject to proper controls is essential. Members have consultants available who are accredited by specialist professional bodies who can undertake a range of assignments in relation to IT systems.