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Top ten accounting practice has joined DFK International

A top ten accounting practice in the Netherlands has joined DFK International and become one of the largest individual member firms of the global association.

Alfa Accountants and Advisors is the latest member of DFK International, which is among the top ten accountancy associations in the world and has over 300 offices in more than 80 countries. Alfa, which has 28 offices and almost 800 employees located throughout the Netherlands, has an annual revenue of approximately US$ 85 million which puts it among the largest individual member firms.

It is the first time that the independent audit and accounting practice, which was established in 1942, has signed up to an international association. Marco Vermin, a member of Alfa’s board of directors, said the firm had chosen to join DFK International as it would help the firm expand its international offering, and their philosophy and values were well‐matched.

He said: “An increasing number of our clients are operating in the international market and we wanted to offer them our full support with cross‐border services. With our nationwide reach, we are also keen to provide services to foreign firms with interests in the Netherlands. DFK International can equip us to achieve both goals.

“We were also drawn to DFK International because it is an association of independent firms and we trust in the quality and standards of its members which are similar to those in the Netherlands.

“We have already referred a number of our clients to member firms and we believe our enhanced international scope will be a great asset in attracting new business.”

Alfa provides audit, accounting, tax and a wide range of advisory services to a variety of SME clients in the Netherlands, and has a strong tradition within the agricultural sector.

Martin Sharp, executive director of DFK International, said Alfa’s decision to join was a major coup given its top ten ranking within the Netherlands and its broad nationwide coverage.

He said: “We are delighted and proud to have such a capable and dynamic firm as Alfa join our
growing association.

“Alfa is a great fit for DFK International and there is huge potential for both organisations to benefit
from their membership.

“Their annual revenue puts Alfa among the largest individual member firms in DFK International and their geographical reach and standing within the Netherlands will undoubtedly enhance our global presence.

“This is a particularly exciting time to be joining DFK International. In the last year, we have extended our presence with high‐quality firms in many more countries. Cross‐border business is increasing and our members are continuing to find new ways to share information and deliver an even better service to clients.

“Alfa is keen to be an active member and we are looking forward to having the firm fully involved in all aspects of our on‐going development.”