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Pleasure Doing Business

Business and beer is an unlikely mix in the workplace - but not for DFK Canada firm Teed Saunders Doyle.

Twice a month, chief operating officer Andy Clark and senior manager Rod Doyle can be found in the boardroom of the firm’s offices in New Brunswick talking business with a client over a cold beer.

This new occurrence could be seen as an attempt to make the business of doing business more of a pleasure – and you’d be half right.  It’s all in the name of a new podcast they’ve launched, aptly titled ‘Pleasure Doing Business’.

The podcast was the brainchild of Andy and Rod, who both enjoyed listening to podcasts so much that they decided to do their own.  The idea is to help business owners and entrepreneurs grow their business – and have fun along the way.

On each podcast episode – released on iTunes every other Monday – they interview a business owner about their enterprise, discussing their background, how they started their business, the challenges they have faced and the successes they have enjoyed.

Guests share their recipe for having fun inside and outside of their business, how they make coming to work fun for their employees, and what they do from a customer service perspective to ensure that their clients would say that it is indeed a pleasure doing business with them.

In turn, it’s the hope that like-minded businesses tuning in will be able to learn from those experiences and have fun in the process.

The first podcast was aired in October and each episode features Andy and Rod sampling a different craft beer - for reasons that are as much about business as pleasure.

“We have a number of craft breweries in our region and a number of them are our clients so we thought it would be fun to taste a new one each episode,” explained Andy, who believes there are several benefits to the podcast.

“One is that it gives us an opportunity to connect with our clients, and we expect that most guests will be clients.  It gives us an opportunity to spend a bit of time with them and to allow them the opportunity to tell their story.

“We are not fooling ourselves.  It will be a while before we have a significant audience or following but ultimately we would like to give our business owners the chance to talk about their business to a fairly wide platform.

“Secondly, we hope to help business owners and entrepreneurs who are interested in trying to figure out this ever elusive goal that most people have to run a successful business, but also not to lose sight of the most important thing which is to enjoy the process and have fun along the way.

“That’s what we are trying to focus on.  We want to focus on the business but more the idea of growing a business and having lots of fun along the way.  Fun for the business owners, fun for the employees and fun for the customers.”

The podcast may only be four episodes in but the initial feedback has been encouraging.

“People are saying that it’s a cool idea and that it’s really innovative for an accounting firm.  I’m not sure that’s really true as there are a lot of accounting firms with podcasts but maybe ours is different as there is this fun element,” said Andy.

“One of our guests actually said the last thing he ever expected was to be drinking beer and doing a podcast with his accountants!

“You can’t read and do something else like watching a video but you can listen to an audio while driving or exercising so I think it’s become a more sought after medium to consume information.

“I think it makes sense for accounting firms to do podcasts.  It allows you to spend some additional time with clients, to provide some value-added if you can help them grow their audience and it’s an opportunity to grow your own reach.”

The Pleasure Doing Business podcast is available at http://teedsaundersdoyle.com/podcast/