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On the map in Tuscany

An internationally-focused firm at the heart of a foreign investment hotspot in Italy has joined DFK International.

Studio Vignoli, based in Florence, the capital of the central region of Tuscany, has been welcomed as a member of the association, becoming the eighth member of the national group DFK Italy.

The firm, headed by brothers Marco and Stefano Vignoli, has grown its international focus since being established in 1993, providing support to clients operating in foreign markets and to foreign business with interests in the national and regional markets.

It is a partner with Invest in Tuscany, an agency which promotes Tuscany as a key investment destination and helps investors in establishing and expanding their operations in the region.

Marco said: “Over the last ten years, our international work has grown significantly and we were introduced to DFK international as with its global presence it was felt that it would be a good idea for us.

“We have many enquiries to work with businesses with international interests both in terms of companies in Tuscany and Italy that are investing outside of the country, and foreign investors in our region.

“Our firm shares the values of DFK International and we firmly believe that being part of the association, and being able to collaborate with firms all over the world, will help develop our activities further.

“We believe we have a lot to offer DFK not least our desire to support members in our region in terms of taxation, acquisitions and incorporations of companies.  We have a lot of energy and like to cooperate with other firms and exchange ideas.”

Studio Vignoli offers a wide range of services, reflecting the skills and experience of its team which is led by five partners.

Areas of expertise include taxation and litigation, across a broad range of sectors associated with the region including real estate, food and wine, fashion, agriculture and manufacturing and engineering.

Pier Giuseppe Ferri, executive director of DFK Italy, said: “The entry of Studio Vignoli for DFK Italia and DFK International is important because it is a well-known firm in the Tuscany capital, operating for many years and with high devotion to internationalisation.

“I believe they will contribute to increasing the professional experiences and specialisations of our national group and of our international association.”

Studio Vignoli attended the DFK EMEA Annual Conference which took place in Prague in February, prior to officially joining the association.

DFK Italy presented to the conference, giving an overview of the national group which in addition to Studio Vignoli now also includes IC & Partners, based in Udine.

Pier Giuseppe added: “With the inclusion of Udine and Florence, DFK Italy has been strengthened both in terms of territorial coverage in areas with high industrial services such as Friuli Venezia Giulia and Tuscany, and new skills and new partners who are able to increase the drive for development and participation in our national and international group.

“With the current structure, our national group wants to increase its visibility in DFK International directly with the presence and contribution of our partners to the DFK International Technical Committees and with the presence at the regional and world initiatives and conferences.”

Marco added: “The DFK EMEA Annual Conference was the first time we had met our international colleagues.  It was like a family and very easy to get to know many colleagues from other parts of the world and speak about important topics.

“We wish to participate in the next tax seminar and are thinking of going to the DFK International and Asia Pacific Annual Conference in Singapore as we are developing business with clients in Asia who want to invest in Italy or distribute Italian products in Asia.”