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Levitt Kirson joins DFK International

DFK International’s strategic expansion has taken a significant step forward with a leading accountancy firm in South Africa joining the growing worldwide association.

Levitt Kirson, which has an impressive national and international reach from its offices in Johannesburg, has become a member of the top ten global accountancy association.

The firm is the latest to join DFK International which has been extending its presence with high-quality firms in an increasing number of countries over the last year, with Africa being a key target.

DFK International will be working with Levitt Kirson to build upon its presence in South Africa and the wider region.

The firm, which specialises in auditing and business advisory services and has a team of around 70 staff and eight partners, believes DFK International can play an important part in its national and international growth.

Len Furman, CEO of Levitt Kirson, said: “It is important for us to be a member of an international association in terms of attracting new business and staff, and in having the confidence to recommend clients to a firm that can advise on their business interests in another country.

“A large proportion of our existing client base has international business interests and we believe that DFK International is a very good fit for our firm both in size and culture.

“We are a respected and vastly experienced firm in South Africa. We believe we can offer the respectability and credibility to members of DFK International around the world.”

Levitt Kirson is a top 20 accountancy firm in South Africa and belongs to the Senior Partners Forum of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants. Its origins date back to 1912 and it has been involved in international markets for over 40 years.

Martin Sharp, executive director of DFK International, said: “We are proud to have such a capable and well-established firm as Levitt Kirson join DFK International and are sure that both our organisations will prosper from the membership.

“Levitt Kirson has already started a number of projects with other members and there will be many more opportunities for the firm to better serve its existing clients as well as to gain new clients at home and internationally.

“This is a particularly exciting time to be joining DFK International. In the last year, we have extended our presence with high-quality firms in many more countries. Cross-border business is increasing and our members are continuing to find new ways to share information and deliver an even better service to clients.

“We are looking forward to working with Levitt Kirson, and drawing on the firm’s expertise and experience, to further expand our presence in South Africa and the wider region.”

CAPTION (left to right): Mark Lamb (DFK International Vice President for Europe, Middle East and Africa), Anton Lewis (senior audit partner at Levitt Kirson), Len Furman (CEO at Levitt Kirson) and Graham Hauck (DFK USA executive director).