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Leadership skills developed at EMEA Young Professionals Conference

EMEA Young Proffessionals Conference - Lisbon, Portugal, October, 2017



Rising stars within DFK International member firms in Europe, Middle East and Africa have developed their leadership skills at an annual conference.

Delegates from nine countries have joined together for the 12th annual DFK EMEA Young Professionals Conference in Lisbon, Portugal.

The two-day event included workshops with award-winning communication and training consultant Una McSorley, managing partner of communication consultancy Marcomm, and Gerry McSorley, from Marcomm.

Delegates learnt about leadership skills and competencies, the difference between leadership and management, the characteristics of a high performing team, objective setting and appraisals.

Una said: “DFK’s young professional conferences always attract a fantastic group of delegates who take a lot out of the conference programme and this year was no different.

“The focus of the conference was all about developing the leadership skills of the delegates as they

prepare to progress further up the ladder to senior and partner level.”

Gerry added: “We were delighted to be part of the DFK’s Young Professional Conference and to have been in a position to offer support to the delegates to develop their leadership skills and use them to provide direction for their team.”

Networking was another focus, with those attending being able to get to know each other and share their experiences.

Christiaan Buis, of Alfa Accountants and Advisors based in the Netherlands, was one of the delegates who attended the event.

He said: “The conference was a very enjoyable and informative event. We learnt about the difference between being a manager and a leader, about motivating team members and listening to other people as well as practicing leadership skills through roleplay activities.

“It was also an excellent opportunity to network with those who you would normally only speak to over the phone or by email. We were able to use our social time to talk about our daily practice, existing projects, how daily work is done and how we can further help each other in the future.

“It was nice to have face-to-face contact with enthusiastic DFK colleagues about international issues. During the conference, it became clear that we all operate within DFK with the same drive and ambition to advise our clients in a professional manner.”

Anne Brady, partner of Anne Brady McQuillans DFK in Dublin, is on DFK International’s EMEA board and is one of those behind the event.

She added: “It's so important to invest in the future of our young professionals and educate them in the fields they wouldn't normally get training, they are heavily qualified technically, but soft skills are equally as important.

“Dealing with clients and team members is key to creating a relationship of trust and confidence. We had delegates from nine countries and it's great for the future of our firms to meet and get to know each other. This is how they learn from each other and learn more about DFK International.”


 [31 OCTOBER 2017]