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iAudit hits the mark with software

DFK International’s Croatian member firm has successfully developed and commercialised a piece of auditing software – and is now expanding the program to improve and grow its functionality.

iAudit has created Tickmark, a specialist cloud-based software which supports the management of a wide range of audit-related activities in a single framework.

The firm is now expanding the software, adding more functions so it can further support the work of auditors and growing its market to cover even more countries.

iAudit initially developed Tickmark after the firm required a piece of audit management software to use in-house, but found that those on the market were expensive to purchase so took the opportunity to create its own.

It launched the project in 2012 in conjunction with a specialised IT firm before the project was transferred on iAudit’s subsidiary, Lumbrela, which further developed Tickmark brand and started its distribution.

The application now has users in various countries, and Tickmark is now being further developed with adding new features to the existing system.

Boris Vidas, partner at iAudit, said: “We originally created Tickmark for our own use as we were not happy with the software already on the market.

“We looked to create something that would simplify the auditing process, improve efficiency and store everything in one place, while keeping running costs low.

“As word spread about our software, we began receiving enquiries from businesses who wanted to buy it, which is when we made the decision to commercialise the product.

“Tickmark has a number of technical benefits. It is cloud-based so users are not required to invest in any additional hardware or server. They are also able to work offline and then synchronise work with the cloud when they are connected to the internet.

 “We offer a subscription-based service and now have many users in Croatia and abroad. In countries outside Croatia the service is offered by local distributors which participate in a profit-sharing model.

“We have received a lot of support from DFK International and have been given the opportunity to speak about the software at the annual conference in Munich, the MEA conference in Dubai and at the young professionals conference in Barcelona.

“The presentations were very successful and we were able to open trial accounts for a number of DFK International member firms.

“Currently we are searching for new users and distributors, at the same time, which are interested in offering Tickmark service in their home countries.”

Further information about the software is available at https://www.tickmark-software.com