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Geffen Mesher Hires Gina Kaveny, Director of Business Development

Geffen Mesher, one of Portland’s largest locally owned accounting and business consulting firms, is pleased to announce Gina Kaveny has joined the firm as our first Director of Business Development who will drive growth and visibility of Geffen Mesher’s brand in the Pacific Northwest. She will also contribute to company’s overall marketing strategy, initiatives and brand development.

Connecting with clients is top of mind for Gina Kaveny. She aims not only to satisfy clients, but to delight them.

As Director of Business Development, Gina strives to understand how Geffen Mesher can better serve its clients as a whole. This means taking the time to understand their unique business needs and how the firm’s accountants can serve as advocates and trusted business advisors.

Gina has built a robust referral network of lawyers, bankers, lenders and other service providers in order to offer a holistic approach to solving clients’ problems, beyond their tax and accounting needs. She promotes partnerships through educational outreach and collaborative leadership.

She is a customer service champion, who embodies “white glove” handling of client accounts and acts as a rapid-response trouble shooter.

Prior to joining Geffen Mesher in the height of tax season, Gina worked for LSQ as the VP of Business Development, overseeing the lifecycle of client prospecting, contracting and support and providing asset-based lending solutions for companies that do not qualify for bank lending. She spent more than a dozen years in international supply chain and global trade finance with UPS & UPS Capital, helping companies expand and grow their international sales and finance goods in-transit from factories overseas.

Gina is actively involved in several associations, including serving on the board of ACG Portland, where she hosts monthly networking happy hours and networking with bankers and financial professionals as a member of the Risk Management Association.

As a native Oregonian and Portland business owner, Gina has a personal interest in ensuring that local businesses succeed. She and her husband started an industrial laundry company in 2006 in order to provide more personalized service to an old industry. They operate locally in Beaverton, and have grown the business to employ more than 30 people in the area. She and her husband are “foodies” who enjoying checking out local restaurants after the lines die down.

“We are excited to have Gina Join our firm as the first Director of Business Development. We look forward to the new opportunities and growth Gina brings with her” said Mike Rompa, Managing Shareholder. He added: “Creating the new position of Business Development comes at an exciting time in our company’s growth and development, and we are delighted that Gina has chosen to further her career with us, adding her valuable skills and expertise to the team.”