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Future Leaders Help Shape DFK International

Future Leaders Summit Group Photo

Future leaders of DFK International member firms have shared their passion for the organisation at a brand new event.

DFK International’s new Future Leaders Summit has been held for the very first time.

The event took place at the Fairmont Hotel, in Dubai, ahead of the DFK EMEA Annual Conference 2018 and gave delegates an opportunity to have an impact on the future of DFK International.

Future leaders were able to share knowledge and best practice and were also asked to give their opinions on the organisation and how they would like to see it develop over the next five to ten years.

Delegates prepared a shadow agenda which they presented to the DFK board who will now take the points raised into consideration and may choose to implement them.

The inaugural event has since received positive feedback from those in attendance, who said it was an excellent way to connect with future leaders and give them the opportunity to have an impact on DFK International’s future strategy.

Liz Matimu, of KKCO East Africa, said: “The Future Leaders Conference was amazing – the interactions, learnings and experiences re-affirmed our commitment to DFK.

“It was interesting to note that we were all from different countries but shared similar values and enthusiasm towards DFK and where we see DFK in future. KKCO East Africa all the way from Nairobi, Kenya, is proud to be part of a wonderful team.”

Sarah Wilson, of Harrison Beale and Owen based in England, added: “The DFK Future Leaders Conference provides an important opportunity for firms like ours to share knowledge and expertise with leading accountants around the world and pick up new ideas and techniques to support our clients in the UK.

“We were particularly pleased to take part in workshops designed to drive the future of our industry, and develop more innovative and effective accountancy and business practices.”

Eddie Murphy, Partner at Crowleys DFK based in Ireland, said that the summit demonstrated how DFK listens to and values its members, adding: “The Future Leaders Summit was a fantastic opportunity for me to consider the DFK organisation from a management perspective and to have an input into its future strategy and direction.”

Stephen Bushell, Partner at Gooding Partners based in Perth, Australia, led the event. He said: “It was great to see our young DFK leaders collaborating in this summit format, sharing their future visions and ideas for DFK International with great energy and passion. Looking forward, DFK is in great shape with young talent like this.”