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DFK News: Increased DFK International presence in Poland

DFK International’s presence in Poland has been strengthened by the addition of a new member firm with extensive experience on an international scale.

Audyt i Doradztwo Pawlik, Modzelewski i Wspólnicy (Audit & Consulting Pawlik, Modzelewski and Partners) is a group of companies providing management consulting services, covering accounting and tax affairs.
From headquarters in Katowice and offices in Warsaw and Poznan, it also has experience in auditing companies listed on the Stock Exchange.

A&D, as the firm is known, has been operating in overseas markets since being established in 2005, and has joined DFK International to contribute to the association’s growth in Poland and expand its own international client portfolio.

DFK International is a leading association of independent accountancy firms and business advisers and ranked amongst the top 10 global accountancy associations with over 300 offices in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Barbara Pawlik, a partner at A&D, said: “We perceive our membership with DFK as being an opportunity for growth on an international scale with both existing and new clients, gaining more experience in dealing with large multi-nationals and exchanging knowledge and experience with peers.

“We believe that with our experience and knowledge, we can also contribute significantly to the growth of DFK in Poland and to the international success of the network.”
A&D specialises in servicing German-headquartered companies and is keen to explore the opportunity to work with DFK clients in Germany doing business in Poland.

Barbara added: “We have extensive experience in servicing foreign investors and are able to provide comprehensive solutions in all areas of business activities to DFK clients in their operations in Poland and build a strong reputation for the association in the country.

“The members of our Board have experience in working for multi-nationals abroad and managing their subsidiaries in Poland. They are very well-acquainted with the international standards of running a business not only in terms of accountancy but also management.”

According to A&D, Poland is a very attractive country for foreign investors with the country’s economy having been growing steadily for over 20 years. In 2009, it was the only EU state with positive GDP growth.

“Foreign investors choosing to set up their operations in Poland are no longer relying only on comparatively low labour costs and the country’s large market, but they are also attracted by well-educated staff,” said Barbara.

“Investors can also take advantage of tax reliefs by establishing companies in Special Economic Zones. For DFK, Poland represents the same growth opportunities along with the growth of clients’ businesses.”