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DFK Kidsons Supported Through Staff Exchange

Zarish Rehman, Carter Backer Winter (centre) with staff from DFK Kidsons

DFK Kidsons has been assisted during one of its busiest periods of the year through DFK’s staff exchange programme.

The Melbourne audit firm welcomed Zarish Rehman from Carter Backer Winter (CBW), in London, for 12 weeks to help during its reporting season.

Zarish worked on a variety of jobs and used her spare time to take in the Australian culture and travel the area to visit local sights.

She said: “I really enjoyed my time at DFK Kidsons. The main aim of the staff exchange was to help during the firm’s busy season, and I was given some really exciting jobs working with not-for-profit organisations.

“Although the Australian rules are slightly different, it is the same audit procedure so I was able to settle into the work easily.

“The whole team was very welcoming and not only helped me in the office, but also told me about all of the must-visit places in the area. It was an excellent experience, and after the 12 weeks I was able to spend 10 days travelling when I visited Sydney, Cairns and New Zealand.”

DFK Kidsons has taken part in staff exchange programmes a number of times, and will be sending a colleague to assist CBW for 12 weeks in January.

Partner Rob Wernli said: “In auditing the skills are very transferable, so taking part in staff exchanges during busy periods makes very good sense. You just need to have the right skill set to match your firm.

“They are also a great opportunity for the staff themselves and give colleagues a chance to experience different cultures. Being able to offer these opportunities helps with both recruitment and staff retention.

“It was excellent to welcome Zarish, she got on really well with the team and everyone loved working with her. She stayed with a young couple I know and was able to travel and take in the sights during the weekends.

“We also went to an Australian Rules Football final at the Melbourne Cricket Ground with a crows of 100,000 which was a lot of fun and something she had never had the chance to do before.

“One of my staff members, Justin Hester, is now looking forward to visiting London to support CBW in January. We’re really going to miss him, but enabling colleagues to travel means that we don’t have to lose them full stop.”