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DFK International joins World Business Culture platform

DFK member firms are assisting companies looking to do business around the world by providing an insight into key accountancy and tax issues in their countries.  

DFK International has joined together with World Business Culture to give advice about the key accountancy and tax factors which companies face when setting up businesses across the globe.

Information has been produced by DFK member firms about their individual countries for the World Business Culture website, a platform which provides a unique window into key global business issues.

The documents include details such as market entry requirements, employment law, taxation, audit requirements and cultural elements, and can be accessed for free by those looking to do business abroad and students wanting to develop their knowledge.

The alliance is set to not only strengthen World Business Culture as it looks to become the premier ‘doing business in…’ website, but also provide increased exposure for DFK International member firms.

Keith Warburton, director of World Business Culture, said: “We are aiming to become the number one portal for core global business information, so we are delighted to join together with DFK International to provide details on accountancy and tax.

“DFK already had all of the information but it was not available to the public, and the website has provided a shop window to highlight this.

“The documents provide details on tax and accountancy issues across 46 countries, and sit alongside other information such as cultural issues, legal aspects and logistics.

“The website will help promote DFK International and the contributing member firms, give them a higher profile online by increasing their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and may lead to new business from those using the website.

“We also work with legal firm Eversheds Sutherland and logistics firm Think Global Growth and are in discussions with other firms to grow the website further.

“This year we have had 1.5 million page views and our aim is to drive that to more than 10 million, and we are pleased to be associated with a top ten international association of independent accounting, tax and business advisory firms to help us achieve this.”


Martin Sharp, executive director of DFK International, said: “The World Business Culture website provides a holistic solution for firms looking to do business in other countries, and we are extremely pleased to contribute information put together by our member firms.

“We have been able to provide key accountancy and tax information which indicates the breadth of our firms’ expertise and positions local independent firms as a valuable alternative to larger multiples.

“Our presence on the website will provide increased exposure and brand awareness and we look forward to continuing to assist World Business Culture as it looks to grow and expand.”