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DFK expands in to Newcastle and the Gold Coast

DFK ANZ Chairman, Stephen Bushell, announced today that Crosbie Warren Sinclair, a large regional firm with offices in Newcastle and Gold Coast, have joined the growing DFK Australia and New Zealand association of accountants and business advisors.

“We are very pleased to welcome, Crosbie Warren Sinclair, to DFK” said Bushell. “We identified Newcastle and the Gold Coast as key locations for future growth for DFK some time ago so to have a high quality firm like CWS join DFK and have offices in both areas is a very exciting development for us. CWS celebrates its 50th year in business in 2014 and this reflects the strength of the organisation”.

The addition of Crosbie Warren Sinclair to DFK now takes the total number of members firms to 15 with over 60 Partners with DFK offices employing more than 400 staff with a combined turnover in excess of $60m.

“We are feeling very positive about the opportunities for growth and shared knowledge that comes from joining DFK” said Jason Bartlett, a CWS Partner. “There were several key factors that led to our decision. The access to a shared knowledge base through the DFK Practice Management Conference is invaluable as is participation in sub committees where candid conversations take place about what is working well and not so well. These open conversations not only enhance learning but also deliver savings in time and money that ultimately benefit all of our clients”.

“It was important to us that the association we joined matched our own culture and the interactions we had right across the board with the people in DFK made us feel very comfortable with the mix. As we place a high value on the depth of training we provide our staff, we are especially pleased with the HR methodologies of the association and also the proactive approach DFK has to sustained growth with its marketing” added Bartlett.

DFK ANZ is an association of leading accountants and business advisors across Australia and New Zealand providing compliance, audit and business growth guidance with a fresh, hands on approach for small to medium growing businesses. Applications to join DFK are welcomed from quality firms in Darwin, Tasmania and the South Island of New Zealand to complete our service coverage.

For more information please contact:
Stephen Bushell
DFK ANZ Chairman
(08) 9327 1704