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DFK EMEA Conference attracts record number of delegates

A record number of delegates attended this year’s annual DFK Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) conference, including several new faces and more women than ever.

The event was held at the Marriot Hotel in Prague and was hosted by DFK member firm Peterka and Partners, which is headquartered in the city.

The main themes of the conference were human resources and staff retention, and the event attracted a total of 108 delegates, including many who had not been before.

There was a presentation on ‘how to work with Millennials’ from award-winning communication and training consultant Una McSorley as well as a number of workshops on marketing, management, technology and attracting and retaining high performing staff.

Anne Brady, Vice-President of the EMEA region, said: “The conference was an excellent event which was well structured and focused on a mixture of technical and soft skills.

“It was our highest ever attendance which is extremely positive. We had a lot of new faces and more women than ever, which was excellent to see.

“The main focus of the conference was HR and staff retention as this is something that affects businesses across the world, and there were a variety of workshops for delegates to choose from so they could tailor their experience to suit their needs.

“There were also a lot of networking opportunities and an excellent schedule of social events which gave delegates the chance to explore the beautiful city of Prague.”

Leo Kjeldsmark, of Addere Revision, attended the conference for the first time and not only found it interesting to hear about the work being done in other countries, but also made and received a number of client referrals.

He said: “Our firm has been a member of DFK International since 2006 and this was my first time as a delegate at a DFK conference.

 “It was interesting to hear about how accountants and clients work in different countries and also how IT is changing the way we work. There were also a number of workshops covering subjects including HR as well as how to work with Millennials.

 “All of the delegates were open minded and sociable, not only discussing their professions but also their personal interests.

 “The conference was an excellent networking opportunity, and gave me the chance to make and receive client referrals both during and after the event.”