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Developing leaders of tomorrow

Future leaders of DFK Canada firms have been given an insight into the value and benefits of being part of the association by the national group’s new president.

Nigel Jacobs, who took over in June, attended the DFK Canada Leadership Development programme and provided the 20 delegates a full understanding of DFK Canada and DFK International.

The leadership development programme is organised annually in Toronto and as in the past, separate sessions were held to accommodate managers of differing experience.

The programme once again featured Steve Erickson, a leading consultant and coach to the accounting profession, as instructor and facilitator.

The week-long programme was split in two with the first part for managers with up to five years of experience at that level, and the second part for senior managers and new partners.

The sessions for managers covered client services, ownership of engagements, communication, staff development, delegation, time management, limits/boundary setting, work/life balance and transitioning from hourly to salary.

Senior managers and new partners focused on marketing, networking, building a referral base, trusted business adviser techniques, exceptional client service, advanced leadership and developing partner potential.

Lynn Morrovat, Executive Director of DFK Canada, said: “It was great to have sufficient interest and people at the right stage in their careers to offer both levels of the programme.

“Steve is a great facilitator and relates very well to the students because he has such knowledge and experience in the industry. 

“The feedback has been really positive.  In addition to the education from Steve, they really appreciated the opportunity to meet with other accountants from DFK firms who are at the same point in their careers.  Some really career-long relationships were established.”

Students of the course had the following to say:

“I enjoyed the number of concrete ideas and topics that were discussed during the two courses that are directly relevant to the issues and opportunities faced in our firm. I believe that the smaller group size also made the course more interactive than a larger size group.”

“The open discussion structure of the program made discussing specific issues easy to do. Additionally, the solutions provided by the facilitator to address the issues were very helpful.”

Nigel Jacobs, President of DFK Canada said: “It was exciting and rewarding to see the desire of our future leaders to learn from an experienced facilitator like Steve.  The relevant topics and the opportunity to learn both individually and corporately will assist in setting up these professionals for ongoing success.  These types of programs of development, together with building relationships amongst our emerging leaders, will strategically keep DFK Canada relevant for the future.