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Chairman of the ACCMC

Steven Heller

Further to the one-year review of ATAS the board of AFTA is pleased to announce the appointment of Steven Heller, of DFK member fim DFK Laurence Varnay, to the position of Chairman of the ACCMC. Mr. Heller will take up the position with immediate effect for a term of two years. Mr. Heller has been acting in the role during the review process and AFTA is delighted that he has now accepted the position for the next two years.

“Steve Heller has shown us that he ability to be independent and contribute to the ACCMC is immense and we are very pleased that he has accepted the role for the next 2 years” said Westbury.

“I have enjoyed working with the members of the ACCMC during the last 8 months while acting in the role and I look forward to a continued and active participation of the ACCMC in the years ahead” Said Steven Heller, Chairman ACCMC.

The ACCMC continues to be the committee that reviews the role of the ATAS charter and code of conduct and hears any appeals of complaints against a participant.

Details of the ACCMC can be found at: