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Althaus Group joins DFK

Rostislav Shatenok - Managing Partner - Althaus

A full service consulting company in Russia has joined DFK International as the worldwide accountancy association builds on its impressive growth.

Althaus Group is an award-winning independent company based in Moscow and provides comprehensive services in finance, tax, valuation and law to national and international clients across a broad range of industries.
The company was established in 2009 and has expanded into a team of around 100 highly-qualified professionals, headed by five partners.

Althaus Group has been named among the top 30 major accounting outsourcing firms and one of the top 20 appraisal companies in Russia.

Other recent awards in Russia recognised it as the best private equity financial advisor, best private equity law firm and best consulting company in private equity and venture capital.

Rostislav Shatenok, managing partner of Althaus Group, said DFK International would enable the company to further extend its international reach and expertise.

Rostislav said: “DFK International will allow Althaus Group to gain access to expertise outside Russia for our clients with international interests, and to international clients conducting business here in Russia.

“We are also looking forward to contributing to the exchange of best practice, methodology and knowledge with members of a world-leading association of independent accounting firms and business advisers.

“It is extremely good news for Althaus Group and we hope our membership of DFK International will open many doors to new international markets.”

DFK International cemented its position as a top 10 global accountancy association in 2014. 

It expanded its membership to over 400 offices in more than 90 countries, and recorded one of the highest growth rates of fee income for international accountancy associations with a 13 per cent increase to US$1,237 million.

Martin Sharp, executive director of DFK International, said: “Althaus Group is a strong firm headed by a dynamic and ambitious management team, who share our commitment to providing services of the highest professional standards to their clients.

“As a full service consulting company, Althaus Group is able to provide an extensive range of in-depth expertise to our member firms and their clients which will make it a great addition to our growing association.

“We believe DFK International is now poised to form a national group in Russia and further expand our presence to towns and cities throughout the country.”


PICTURE CAPTION: Rostislav Shatenok, managing partner of Althaus Group.