ANZ Annual Conference 2024

The DFK Australia New Zealand Annual Conference will be held from 22 - 24 May 2024 in Perth, Australia at the Double Tree Hilton, Elizabeth Quay.

Further details and registration will be opening shortly.


Perth, Australia is a fantastic destination, with 3000 hours of sunshine every year, friendly locals, historical attractions, and a beachy, relaxed vibe. 

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Western Australia is Australia's largest state in Australia and the second largest country subdivision in the world. 

1. Western Australia is Huge

2. Not Many People Live in Western Australia

3. It’s a Great Place to Go Road-Tripping

4. The Nickname of a Western Australian Person is Sandgroper

5. Western Australia has 12,500 km of Coastline

6. Lucky Bay is Australia’s Whitest Beach

7. Busselton Jetty is the Longest Wooden Jetty in the Whole of the Southern Hemisphere

8. Some of the World’s Biggest Fish Can Be Found Off the Coast of Western Australia

9. Kings Park is One of the Largest Urban Parks Worldwide

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10. Lake Ballard is Home to the World’s Largest Outdoor Art Gallery

11. Perth is One of the Most Isolated Cities in the World

12. Perth is Known as the City of Lights

13. The Perth Beaches are Iconic

14. Australia’s Coins are Made at Perth Mint

15. There are Lots of Millionaires in Perth

16. The Bungle Bungle Range in Purnululu National Park is Listed as a World Heritage Site

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17. The Nullarbor Plain Stretches Over Millions of Hectares Across Western Australia

18. The Pinnacles are Otherworldly

19. Wave Rock is Well Worth a Visit

20. Western Australia is Home to Karijini National Park

21. Western Australia Has a Pink Lake

22. You Can Visit Nature’s Window

23. Australian Outback on One Side and the Indian Ocean on the Other

24. The World’s Largest Rock Formation is in Western Australia

25. Western Australia is Home to the World’s Happiest Animal, the Quokka!

26. Ningaloo Reef is the Longest Fringing Reef in the World

27. Emus Rule Western Australia

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28. … And Camels Come a Close Second

29. Western Australian Wines are World-Class

30. WA is the World’s Largest Producer of Gold

31. The Most Famous Gold Mine is the Kalgoorlie Super Pit

32. Broome is the Home of the Western Australian Pearls

33. When You Visit Western Australia, the Flowers and Orchids are Insane!

34. One of the Tallest Tree Species in the World

35. One of the Largest Girthed Trees in the World

36. One of the Most Ornamental Eucalypts in the World

37. Western Australian Crayfish are Called Marron!

38. WA is one of the World’s Biggest Truffle Producers

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