Our Purpose

DFK is dedicated to empowering our members to support their clients as they seek to achieve their financial goals, locally, regionally and globally.  We care about our members and their clients, and we care about our relationships. In our small way we want to play our part in making the world a better, closer connected, more sustainable, more peaceful and friendlier place.  We strive for equality, diversity, and inclusion, promoting a culture that celebrates difference, challenges prejudice, and ensures fairness.

Our Values


  • Deliver results – on time, on price with no nasty surprises
  • Fulfil expectations - we drive it, deal with it and deliver it
  • Keep promises - we do what we say we'll do

And DFK Members CARE

  • Care about their clients, their colleagues and their communities; integrity, cooperation and inclusivity are central to DFK’s values.
  • Aim high to give the best service they can, going the extra mile to get results, regardless of effort.
  • Respect equality, diversity and inclusion, promoting a positive culture that celebrates difference, challenges prejudice and ensures fairness.
  • Enable their people to excel and to be respected and valued for their unique perspectives and contributions, providing an environment in which everyone treats each other with dignity and respect.

In short

  • Digitally enabled
  • Future focussed
  • Knowledgeable