DFK and our members accept nothing less than the best. By joining us they commit to highest ethical and client service standards in all services they deliver, and we hold them to it.

Clients need to know that they can expect advice and assistance that complies with local professional bodies’ regulations and the latest international standards and best practice. With DFK, they can be sure of this.

We ensure our high standards through:

  • Offering regular technical and practice development conferences
  • Having key specialist committees to give advice
  • Regular peer review of members’ processes and procedures
  • Requiring a primary contact who speaks fluent English, for consistent international communication

Our commitment to ethical standards can be seen through our rigorous selection process. To maintain our quality of membership, we have strict criteria for the admittance of members and stick to these. Only a minority of firms who express an interest ever get to join.

The journey to becoming a member goes as follows:

  • A firm expresses an interest in joining and is sent an initial questionnaire
  • The potential member completes the questionnaire, providing details of their size and capabilities
  • The completed questionnaire is reviewed by the Executive Office. If the firm meets the required criteria for membership, it will be asked to pay a commitment fee before being visited by a DFK quality reviewer
  • Representatives from DFK visit the prospective member to assess their systems and procedures on site. Their report will include a recommendation to the Board of Directors on whether the firm should be admitted to membership
  • If the recommendation is positive, the Board of Directors then votes formally to admit the new member
  • Approval!
  • Once membership is approved, the new member firm is expected to attend conferences and other networking events to meet other members

We welcome membership enquiries from professional firms with a real interest in developing international business opportunities for clients.

DFK International welcomes membership enquiries from professional firms that have a real interest in developing international business opportunities for clients.
Martin Sharp

Executive Director, DFK International