All member firms are committted to maintaining the highest ethical and client service standards. This has been developed to provide assurance to clients that they will receive advice and assistance that complies with the latest international standards and best practice.

At all times all DFK firms are expected to comply with their local professional bodies, and as part of the DFK association they must also submit to regular peer review of their processes and procedures.

To help ensure consistency of communications between member firms, all members are required to have a primary contact who speaks English fluently.

"Maintaing ethical standards is a key strategy for DFK International. It is a differentiator and is something that we can control ourselves".

Professional standards

DFK member firms are committed to delivering the highest quality of advice and assistance - not only in terms of audit quality but across all services that they deliver.

Professional standards and development

As DFK International has grown and the needs of clients have developed, it has become ever more important that clients can rely on receiving a good quality of service across member firms. Partners from member firms regularly attend technical and practice development conferences to ensure that they keep up to date with key international developments.

In addition, key specialist committees are in place to share best practice and offer help and advice in specific practice areas.

Membership criteria

There are clear criteria for gaining membership of DFK.

DFK International has strict criteria for the admittance of members to ensure that the quality of firms who are members is maintained. Membership is restricted; you cannot simply buy your way into being a DFK member firm, and only a minority of firms who express an interest ever get to join.

The process to be admitted to the Association is outlined below:

  • A firm expresses an interest in joining and is sent an initial questionnaire
  • The potential member completes the questionnaire, providing details of their size and capabilities
  • The completed questionnaire is reviewed by the Executive Office. If the firm is considered to meet the required criteria for membership, it will be asked to pay a commitment fee before being visited by a DFK quality reviewer
  • Representatives from DFK visit the prospective member to assess their systems and procedures on site. Their report will include a recommendation to the Board of Directors on whether the firm should be admitted to membership
  • If the recommendation is positive, the Board of Directors then votes formally to admit the new member
  • Once membership is approved, the new member firm is expected to attend conferences and other networking events to meet other members
DFK International welcomes membership enquiries from professional firms that have a real interest in developing international business opportunities for clients.
Martin Sharp

Executive Director, DFK International