DFK International Women in Leadership


DFK International Women in Leadership Committee formed on International Women’s Day 2018
Committee is comprised of 20 women from 13 countries. The committee meets every few months to plan upcoming projects and to discuss how to make the association more inclusive and the ways it can support females in their career progression

Upcoming events for DFK Women in Leadership

Middle East and Africa Conference
September 20th – IWIL Breakfast

UK & Ireland Conference
September 2018 – IWIL Activity

North American Conference
October 24th - IWIL Luncheon

Asia Pacific Conference
November 2018 – IWIL Activity

Upcoming Projects

The DFK International Women in Leadership (DFK IWIL) committee is working on the launch of the DFK IWIL Mentoring Programme.

The goal of the DFK IWIL committee is to encourage female inclusion and progression within DFK International and we see a key element of this is members providing their expertise and knowledge to support the development of another colleague.

We envisage that the DFK IWIL mentoring programme will foster relationships through one-to-one confidential conversations. The mentee will be encouraged and challenged to achieve their potential and aspirations. They will also have to opportunity to discuss challenges facing women in the workplace and how to navigate them.

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The DFK International Women in Leadership Committee
Anne Brady Anne Brady McQuillans DFK  Ireland - Chair
Beatrix Arlitt  Esche Schuemann Commichau  Germany
Deborah Bourchier  GGFL  Canada
Jill Cua  JSC & Co.  Philippines
Harriet Greenberg  Friedman LLP  USA
Ioanna Ioannou Demetriou & Associates Business Advisers Cyprus
Linda Kachiu  Zainer Rinehart Clarke  USA
Julia Keszei  Gyarmathy & Partners  Hungary
Aspa Maliakga  Global Accounting Solutions Greece
Liz Matimu  KKCO East Africa  Kenya
Ursula Metter  BSKP Germany
Maria José Moragas  BNFIX  Spain
Margarita Panagiotopoulou  PD Audit  Greece
Maria Poch  Pleta  Spain
Maxine Pott  RMT  United Kingdom
Jacqueline Jaimes Trespalacios  Jahv McGregor S.A.  Colombia
Lorna Watson  Shaw Gibbs  United Kingdom
Melanie Weist  Esche Schuemann Commichau Germany
Ronelle Wilson CIB Australia
Cheree Woolcock  DFK Benjamin King Money  Australia