Harriet Greenberg

President, DFK International

It’s a great honour and privilege to be named President of DFK International.  At DFK, we are people first and professionals second.  During such challenging times as these, it is important to keep this understanding at the forefront of everything that we do. Inclusion, growth, progress and change are a few words that sit closely in the front of my mind during these tumultuous times.  I am proud to be part of an organization that is willing to promote and champion women within the association and profession. Recognizing that DFK’s strength is grounded by diversity of person and thought, under my presidency DFK will continue to be a world-centric organization in which all the regions feel included.

Martin Sharp

DFK Executive Director, DFK International

Today you can connect with over than 10,000 people in more than 400 offices around the world, all of whom can call themselves part of DFK. Last year our firms made more $1b in revenues. We have serious capability for anyone who is serious about international business. But DFK is more than a directory – it is a people business. You can pick up the phone and call DFK friends from Alaska to Argentina, Finland to Fiji, Vanuatu to Vietnam – wherever your clients need services, we are here to help them. DFK is a compelling alternative to the large international firms and with us you can be sure of the individual attention you and your clients rightly deserve. You don’t have to be big to think international, just ‘big thinking’ and ready to create and seize opportunities. We have tremendous momentum driving us forward and we are continuing to build upon more than 50 years of outstanding service to clients to make DFK stronger, more relevant and better connected. If you share our values, contact us to learn more about how to join a winning team.

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